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product arrow L.E.D. Headlamp


This revolutionary new headlamp is the first to use advanced L.E.D. technology integrated into a one-piece stylish & functional DOT headlamp! Add improved visibility at a fraction of the cost compared to HID or incandescent headlamps without adding heat or having to hide any excess wiring or electrical ballast! Mounts directly in place of the stock headlamp & the electrical plugs right into the stock headlight connector - Just simple hand tools & a few minutes is all it takes! Additional benefits include added reliability (50x longer than incandescent bulbs), energy efficiency (less power draw) & a stronger/wider beam for enhanced night riding. This L.E.D. headlamp is simply the ultimate lighting accessory for your bike - Nothing else compares!


4-1/2” l.e.d. passing lamps

Low draw, high power, & just flat out awesome. These L.E.D. Passing Lamps are the ultimate lighting accessory providing a bright white light that’s the closest thing to sunlight & a perfect match for the 7” L.E.D. Headlamp.